How we work

Urushi is not a mere commercial venture for us. It is not even a passion, a single-minded devotion to attain mastery over an art form that has few parallels in the world of creativity. It is our way of life – our life view centred around the acceptance of transience, our Wabi Sabi, which teaches us to create - to celebrate life in all imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness.

Urushi Studio India is one man’s journey into his inner self. The ancient art of Urushi, considered to be the exclusive domain of the Japanese, is the Nirvana he seeks – in whose pursuit he is a life dedicated. An avid lover of fountain pens, it is natural that the initial creative outpourings have found their expression on writing implements, which are as much a tribute to the artisans who have helped perfect the art form, as it is a voyage for attaining enlightenment, one coat painstakingly applied over the other.

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