About Us

Urushi Studio India is one man’s journey into his inner self. The ancient art of Urushi, considered to be the exclusive domain of the Japanese, is the Nirvana he seeks – in whose pursuit he is a life dedicated. An avid lover of fountain pens, it is natural that the initial creative outpourings have found their expression on writing implements, which are as much a tribute to the artisans who have helped perfect the art form, as it is a voyage for attaining enlightenment, one coat painstakingly applied over the other.

Welcome to Urushi Studio India. Today we are just a ripple in the surface. Tomorrow we hope to grow up to become an Arashi and take the world by storm.

What is Urushi?

Urushi - a natural resin coating processed from sap extruded from the urushi tree. Over centuries, the apparently mundane act of applying Urushi coats on articles of daily, military and ritualistic items, acquired the stature of high art, often transcending to the level of spiritual fulfilment, thanks to the Japanese traits of approaching work and art with a kind of reverence that is near impossible to replicate.